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The Gerber Goldschmidt Group (GGG) has a diverse portfolio focused on manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, and trading businesses.

Food & Agriculture

The Gerber Goldschmidt Group has a wealth of knowledge of the food industry with over 100 years of investing in its international food and related distribution businesses.

GGG continues to focus on, and better understand the global food market and its need for quality products. This provides GGG with an in-depth understanding of the food industry's unique supply chain and its intricate participants, through which GGG has developed strong networks with international producers and customers globally.

PPE & Safety Equipment

Gerber Goldschmidt Group is committed to the continued expansion of its portfolio and presence in the PPE/workwear/industrial safety and uniform industry. Through its investment in Beeswift Ltd., the Company already has significant presence and is a market leader in the UK/Europe with continued growth and expansion plans in place to satisfy its customers. The Company has deep and layered supply relationships with manufacturers and continually develops products for its global customer base. Best practices within GGG are shared in such areas as sourcing, manufacturing, inventory management, human resources, and information systems to create an efficient and scalable operating model.

Industrial Products

The Gerber Goldschmidt Group has long been involved in a wide range of sectors relating to industrial products and materials. GGG focuses on acquiring small to middle-market manufacturing and value-added distribution companies in the industrial products and materials space. GGG has a particular investment focus on enhancing the operations and optimizing the cost structures of the businesses it acquires. GGG seeks to add value in driving operational improvements, implementing lean manufacturing initiatives, accelerating cost structure improvements, and pursuing growth opportunities. GGG has developed a deep understanding of the commercial and operational dynamics of industrial companies, and combines industry knowledge with a rigorous analytical approach to provide senior executives with the strategic guidance they need to achieve genuine competitive advantage.

Financial Services

The Gerber Goldschmidt Group seeks to expand its involvement with financial services and banking. Currently, GGG supports its portfolio investments with working capital, project finance, short-term loans, and mezzanine capital. Beyond direct cash injection, GGG has expertise in cash and liquidity management including modeling, tracking, and cash generation. GGG focuses on providing loans to external companies on the basis of long term business partnerships, and seeks active participation in their future activities.


The success of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group has been built on the Group’s ability to source and distribute commodities around the world. Throughout the 100 years, the Group has either established a direct presence in all four corners of the globe, or invested in Companies that have facilitated the sourcing and distribution of these commodities. Focusing on commodities has ensured the longevity and sustainability of the Group through the most robust and challenging economic times. The Gerber Goldschmidt Group has expertise in soft and hard commodities in the international market, including commodities in the food, agriculture, beverage, metals, and minerals industry. Throughout its history, GGG has developed a knowledge base of various industries and the commodities that are essential to those fields. Consequently, the strength of the Group is its global footprint and distribution capabilities.

Commercial Real Estate

The Gerber Goldschmidt Group has acquired and seeks out commercial real estate as both owner-occupiers and for investment purposes. GGG invests in office, retail, and industrial properties specifically in the value add to core space. GGG seeks out assets largely in developed countries and primarily focuses on prime assets. GGG has expertise in both direct and indirect property with an ability to analyze and evaluate REITS, derivative products, CMBS, RMBS, and other public property companies. GGG’s real estate teams’ experience encompasses all aspects of real estate investment and management, including acquisition, financing, disposition, leasing, and construction management.

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