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GGG leadership have a wide range of expertise and support in M & A activity, financial structuring, and can provide further advisory services.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Gerber Goldschmidt Group’s mergers and acquisitions strategy supports its portfolio companies and the prospective clients who seek out these services. GGG is well-versed in the markets in which its portfolio companies operate, allowing the group to maintain a commercial approach that optimizes efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances effective deal execution. GGG’s global presence and critical mass enables connectivity with lawyers in each specific location, ensuring local legal advice at standards essential for such transactions. The network further includes established relationships with local and international tax specialists, financial advisors, and experts in various fields to assist in any global transaction. The groups’ vast experience and knowledge enables the development of creative deal structures and acquisition program design. From planning to implementation strategies, GGG supports both acquirers and acquisition targets in domestic and cross-border transactions around the world.

Corporate, Organization, and Financial Structuring

Gerber Goldschmidt Group assists in the optimization of efficient and cost effective corporate and financial structures. GGG has experience in the establishment of business structures that account for intricate international tax and legal requirements. GGG has a network of professionals with both local and international expertise that can assist in implementing these structures in organizations of any size. GGG also advises on financial structures that account for the risk/return of prospective companies specifically dealing with the optimal debt structure to be enforced.

Financial Advisory, Consulting, and Services

Gerber Goldschmidt Group provides companies lacking necessary in-house expertise with financial and advisory services. These services range from providing interim management, to performing day-to-day accounting services, as well as financial statement preparation, tax, audit, and strategic financial planning for businesses of all sizes. In addition, GGG will evaluate the financial structure of a business and provide recommendations, where necessary, as well as recommend improvements to optimize the financial resources of the organization.

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